Conway Medical Center
Conway, SC

Conway, SC



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Bernhard and Conway Medical Center (CMC), a South Carolina nonprofit acute care facility, entered into a 25-year Energy-as-a-Service partnership on June 15, 2023. The partnership includes renewing and optimizing critical energy infrastructure serving over 500,000 square feet of clinical space at CMC’s main campus and Health Plaza South. 

The transaction includes $21.3 million in upfront infrastructure and efficiency improvements including upgrading chilled water, tower water, and steam systems as well as retrofitting all interior and exterior lighting. The project also includes the installation of a new heat pump chiller, onsite battery storage to be utilized for peak avoidance, a solar array, and six dual-port electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Once implemented, these improvements will provide $35.2 million in utility cost savings and a nearly 30% reduction in energy consumption over the term of the agreement. 

CMC will utilize Bernhard Connect® for measurement and verification of savings, automatic fault detection, and monitoring-based commissioning throughout the life of the project. Upon completion, the improvements will dramatically improve the energy infrastructure on campus and reduce CMC’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 33%.