Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Bernhard’s strength in the A/E/C industry is derived from the combined talents of the team members across our operating divisions.  The intersection of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise is what enables our teams to deliver the innovative engineering, contracting, and Energy-as-a-Service solutions that are the hallmark of the Bernhard brand. We believe that our strengths are amplified by our firm’s unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion.  It is only through hiring and retaining a diverse talent pool that we will achieve our vision of being the leading Energy-as-a-Service provider in North America.


Diversity is a commitment to recruiting, hiring and developing qualified professionals representing the varied experiences of different races, ethnic groups, genders, sexual orientation, ages, religions, national origins and physical/mental abilities.


Inclusion is an on-going commitment to ensuring that all Bernhard employees work in a welcoming environment that is not just free from discrimination, but is actively committed to eliminating bias and fostering inclusivity.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Bernhard’s Executive Leadership Team has created the Bernhard Diversity and Inclusion Committee to steer the company’s efforts related to diversity and inclusion. The membership of the committee is broadly inclusive to reflect the diverse make-up of the Company and includes leadership, key individual role players, and those with a particular passion for this work.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has developed a Strategic Plan that identifies specific steps that will help us to achieve greater diversity and so that we may best fulfill our mission of delivering innovative engineering, construction, and energy solutions to empower our clients and promote a sustainable future.

Bernhard’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is led by Melissa Samuel, Executive Vice President of Corporate Administration.


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