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As buildings have become more complex, the building automation system (BAS) has evolved into the heart of effective and efficient operation. Integrating controls technologies–including hardware, sequences of operation, and programming, into one cohesive, conversant architecture is critical for a building to function at its most optimal point.

Bernhard’s in-house experts have the unique capability to design and install effective controls technology systems and provide on-going support to sustain operation. We offer a turnkey solution. Our national team has the resources to supplement local contractors and the expertise to ensure that the control system will function as the design intends. Our focus, as always, is on saving energy and improving operations for our clients.

Machine learning and advanced data science techniques have enabled Bernhard to provide better, more accurate BAS data to our clients in a shorter amount of time. Our team of engineers and analysts has created advanced algorithms for building automation system fault detection that provide real, actionable data to building operators. We’re continuously evolving, researching, and advancing our approach to remain at the cutting edge of the industry.


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A History of Innovation


Energy-as-a-Service is an emerging market sector in the United States, where clients partner with 3rd party providers to manage their energy needs. Bernhard was formed in 2014 with the vision of bringing Energy-as-a-Service solutions to existing and new clients as an integrated, turnkey provider.

Measurement & Verification

Our approach to measurement and verification (M&V) leads the industry.  We incorporate meter-specific, second-order, polynomial regression equations into our IMPVP Option C calculations.  The result is a holistic view of energy consumption and realistic perspective on energy saved.


Bernhard has been pre-fabricating HVAC and plumbing units since the 1980’s. With more than 300,000 square feet of fabrication facilities, we are able to deliver modular components that help to save costs and ensure quality.


Bernhard is recognized as an industry-leader in delivering programming solutions to optimize building automation systems. Our retro-commissioning services began with implementing sequences of operation and single loop programming to save energy. Today, we have a dedicated team of controls experts who offer customized, vendor-neutral solutions for design, installation, commissioning, and monitoring.

Heat Pump Chiller Heater

We designed the installation of the first heat pump chiller heater in the United States. This innovative technology can simultaneously produce chilled water and heating water, recovering waste heat for use in a facility. Since the initial success at UAMS in 2007,  we’ve designed and constructed HPCH technologies at multiple hospital campuses across the nation.

Building Information Modeling

Bernhard was one of the first engineering firms to adopt Autodesk’s REVIT software. Now a standard in the industry, REVIT allows for multi-disciplinary, computer-aided modeling. We’ve continued to advance our design process with the technology, now utilizing the BIM model to deliver facility and equipment data to operators as projects transition from construction to operation.

Bernhard brings an innovative, forward-thinking approach to every project. Learn more about how our innovative solutions can drive progress by contacting our team today.


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