Maury Regional Medical Center

Columbia, TN



Square Feet

$17 Million

Infrastructure Improvements


Annual Guaranteed Energy Savings

In September 2023, Bernhard and Maury Regional Medical Center  entered into an innovative 25-year Energy-as-a-Service partnership to act as the catalyst for Maury’s groundbreaking $115-million facility improvement plan to enhance patient care and experience.

Throughout the length of the partnership, Bernhard will manage Maury’s complete energy portfolio with facilities spanning over 600,000 square feet. Bernhard will implement $17 million of infrastructure improvements, including technology modernization and energy optimization, resulting in 39% guaranteed energy savings for the hospital. Bernhard teams will upgrade and replace energy assets throughout the facility including air handlers, controls, and ventilation to increase reliability, maximize performance, and reduce operating costs.

Bernhard’s EaaS structure provides Maury with seed capital to begin its first major construction project in 20 years to support growing service lines, offer additional services, and expand facilities to meet the changing needs of its community.

As the first EaaS project in the Tennessee healthcare sector, the Maury Regional-Bernhard partnership marks a historical moment. Bernhard joined the Tennessee Hospital Association’s THA Innovative Solutions in 2019 as their chosen Energy-as-a-Service provider for its member hospitals.

Bernhard’s turnkey solutions provide the hospital with the benefits of efficient and reliable energy without the need to directly manage energy production and use. This transfer of operations and maintenance allows Maury to shift focus and resources wholly to its mission-critical healthcare services.