New Hires Announced in Bernhard Development Division

Industry professionals bring experience in specialized finance market


Bernhard announced today multiple hires in its development division. The hires include Daniel Allen, named senior vice president of capital markets, and David Krauss and Frank Ferramosca, CPA, as vice presidents of business development.

“The varied and unmatched industry knowledge of each of these hires will enable us to be more strategic in our business endeavors and continue elevating our client support,” said Rob Guthrie, executive vice president of Bernhard’s development division.

Allen is responsible for supporting the development team in the structuring and funding of long-term partnerships ranging from 15 to 50 years. He utilizes his industry knowledge to lead financing activities in support of Bernhard’s rapidly-growing energy infrastructure program. Allen has 15 years of industry experience with Raymond James Public Finance and Structured Finance groups. Throughout his career, he served issuers across the United States in industries including healthcare, higher education and utilities. Allen holds a Bachelor of Science in finance from the University of Memphis.

Ferramosca and Krauss both joined Bernhard in September and will jointly oversee the structuring of Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) projects. Both have a decade of experience in the financial industry and join the Bernhard team after previously working in Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Healthcare Investment Banking Group. Their successful execution of a few dozen structured finance infrastructure projects as well as M&A strategic transactions made both Ferramosca and Krauss valued additions to the Bernhard team. Krauss received his Bachelor of Science in Human & Organizational Development with a minor in Financial Economics & Corporate Strategy from Vanderbilt University and lives in New York. Ferramosca is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance from the University of Maryland and lives in Tampa, FL.

Job Market Exploding Across the United States for Craft Workers as Previous Generation Nears Retirement

By: Craft Recruiting Team at Bernhard


Anyone living in major cities across the United States is sure to have noticed the increasing amount of construction projects around them. Cranes and new high-rise buildings are filling city skylines and the construction industry as a whole is expected to see more than 12% growth (compared to 7% for all other occupations), according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. With heightened employment opportunities and industry growth expected on the horizon, why are recruiters expressing concern?

“We’re about to see a large chunk of the craft workforce entering that retirement age,” said Ralph Stingo, North Carolina Business Unit Manager. “There could be a mass exodus of the workforce and that includes mostly upper management and supervisors.”

In a 2017 report by the National Center for Construction Education and Research, it was projected that 41% of the construction workforce will enter retirement by 2031. An already expanding industry with nearly half of the workforce retiring will create an enormous job market for career-hungry job seekers. This level of opportunity for placement and promotion may not be seen again in the industry.

“This will be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone entering the job market,” said Philip Garcia Jr., Executive Vice President at Bernhard. “Craft work is an incredibly quick track to a secure a career immediately after school or in some cases, you can enter your career and receive training while on the job.”

Bernhard believes training for craft employees will only add to the high quality standards the company has and as such, offers craft training and apprenticeship programs at several locations around the country.

2021 has seen a 46% increase in trade-based jobs since the same time last year and Bernhard is uniquely situated to offer a career for those seeking a start in the construction sector. Out of the estimated 1 million crewmember jobs in the United States, Bernhard has offices in 33% of the locations including the largest markets of Texas and Florida.

“Location versatility is a huge bonus for Bernhard,” said Richard Purcell, East Coast Labor Coordinator at Bernhard. “Someone interested in this career would have unparalleled flexibility on where they choose to work.”

Those new to a career in craft work can also expect a multitude of other quality of life and professional perks craft employees at Bernhard enjoy:

  • Comprehensive benefit package including competitive pay rates, health benefits, PTO, Holiday pay, and 401k employer match.
  • Paid, on the job, industry and trade specific training and testing, that not only supports continued skills development, but also career advancement within Bernhard.
  • A safe and hazard-free work environment. Bernhard prides itself on creating and implementing the most current safety practices on all of its office and work-sites.

“Because we are in the industry every day, it’s easy for us to see the trends and project these huge moments that others may not be aware of,” said Patrick Sanders, General Superintendent in Florida at Bernhard. “I hope those in trade schools and apprenticeships right now realize the opportunity that’s in front of them.”

If you are interested in opportunities in the craft job market and would like to know more about the benefits of a career with Bernhard, visit for more information.


DIF Capital Partners Invests in Sustainability and Energy Solutions with Acquisition of Bernhard, LLC

DIF Capital Partners (“DIF”), a leading global independent infrastructure investment fund manager, through its fund DIF Infrastructure VI, today announced an agreement to acquire Bernhard, LLC (“Bernhard”) the largest privately-owned Energy-as-a-Service (“EaaS”) solutions company in the United States, from an affiliate of Bernhard Capital Partners.

Bernhard has provided solutions to its customers’ energy and infrastructure needs for more than 100 years and shifted its focus in 2014 to becoming a leading Energy-as-a-Service provider. As part of this business model, Bernhard enters into long-term turnkey EaaS concession contracts to upgrade, retrofit and service large existing building energy facilities in order to achieve substantial energy savings. Clients are currently predominantly higher education and healthcare institutions. To date, Bernhard has closed 15 EaaS transactions, including the largest EaaS concession in U.S. history. Senior management will retain a meaningful ownership position and continue its groundbreaking work leading Bernhard.

“Bernhard delivers distributed energy through its unique EaaS model which provides clients access to fully integrated and efficient energy solutions, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint of their buildings and utility systems. Bernhard’s approach fits perfectly with DIF’s Public-Private Partnership expertise and ambition to invest in clean energy infrastructure solutions around the globe.” said Gijs Voskuyl, Partner and Head of Investments for DIF Infrastructure VI. “We are excited to partner with Bernhard’s outstanding management team and support the company in their rapid growth at the forefront of the energy transition.”

“As Bernhard continues pushing to new heights in the EaaS market, we are excited to join forces with DIF Capital Partners given its extensive experience with Public-Private Partnerships, district energy, Energy-as-a-Service projects, and a shared commitment to efficiency, ESG and sustainability” said Ed Tinsley, Bernhard CEO. “The support and strategic counsel from DIF will help to guide Bernhard through the next chapter of our story.”

With DIF’s acquisition of Bernhard, the company will continue the acceleration of its market leading core EaaS business to healthcare and higher education facilities while expanding those services to other markets and geographies.

“The future of Bernhard has never been brighter,” said Tinsley. “Our track record proves we have the expertise and capabilities to push the industry to places it has never been before. With this announcement, we are truly at the forefront of a new era for energy solutions that will shape the world for generations to come.”