Adventist Health and Bernhard Announce Groundbreaking Energy-as-a-Service Partnership

Adventist Health has entered into a 30-year Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) partnership, with Bernhard to deliver and sustain a system-wide innovative energy transformation project. The partnership with Bernhard, North America’s largest turnkey EaaS provider, is highlighted by an approximately 20% guaranteed reduction in Adventist Health’s annual utility spend, significant advancements in the system’s decarbonization efforts, and a material increase in reliability and resiliency across the network.

“Partnering with Bernhard aligns perfectly with our mission to inspire health, wholeness, and hope,” said John Beaman, Chief Financial Officer, Adventist Health. “The significant cost savings and environmental benefits we will realize through this initiative allow us to reinvest in our core mission-focused initiatives, ultimately enhancing the care we provide to our communities.”

The partnership, which is the largest Energy-as-a-Service project on record in United States history, involves $457 Million of upfront consideration; proceeds will be reinvested in energy-related infrastructure improvements systemwide. Bernhard will support Adventist as a long-term partner to optimally and most efficiently operate and maintain the new and existing energy assets. The guaranteed utility cost savings as a result of the program will offset implementation costs.

“This framework is a revolutionary solution to the healthcare industry that provides benefits in energy cost savings, reduced carbon emissions and improved resiliency of our infrastructure to support patient care and support future strategic growth,” said Brandon Seibold, Senior Finance Officer and Treasurer, Adventist Health.

The partnership with Bernhard will facilitate significant enhancements to Adventist Health’s sustainability efforts systemwide. Adventist Health Glendale, for example, will recognize a 61.1% reduction in purchased electricity and a 63.7% reduction in Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Adventist Health on this historic Energy-as-a-Service project,” said Rob Guthrie, Chief Executive Officer, Bernhard. “This collaboration not only underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive energy solutions but also sets a new benchmark for the healthcare sector in energy efficiency and sustainability.”

The improvements across the Adventist Health campuses are expected to be completed within five years.