Maury Regional Medical Center and Bernhard Celebrate Innovative Partnership with Valve Turning


Maury Regional Medical Center celebrated a significant milestone last week as it hosted a valve-turning celebration on its campus to celebrate its innovative long-term agreement with Bernhard.

The partnership between Bernhard and Maury Regional Medical Center was forged in 2023, with a 25-year Energy-as-a-Service partnership to revolutionize the hospital’s energy solutions. This collaboration acted as the catalyst for Maury’s groundbreaking $115-million facility improvement plan, designed to elevate patient care and overall experience.

Under the 25-year agreement, Bernhard is responsible for managing Maury’s extensive energy portfolio, covering facilities spanning over 600,000 square feet. As part of this commitment, Bernhard is set to implement $17 million in infrastructure improvements, encompassing technology modernization and energy optimization initiatives. These upgrades are projected to result in an impressive 39% guaranteed energy savings for the hospital.

The comprehensive energy portfolio management involves upgrading and replacing key energy assets throughout the facility, including air handlers, controls, and ventilation systems. The aim is to enhance reliability, maximize performance, and reduce operating costs, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective healthcare environment.

One of the notable aspects of Bernhard’s Energy-as-a-Service structure is its provision of seed capital, empowering Maury to embark on its first major construction project in two decades. This initiative is aligned with Maury’s strategic vision to support growing service lines, offer additional services, and expand facilities to meet the evolving needs of its community.

The Maury-Bernhard partnership holds historical significance as the first Energy-as-a-Service project in the Tennessee healthcare sector. Bernhard joined the Tennessee Hospital Association’s THA Innovative Solutions in 2019 as the chosen Energy-as-a-Service provider for its member hospitals.

Bernhard’s turnkey solutions have proven instrumental in providing Maury Regional Health with the benefits of efficient and reliable energy, all without the need for direct management of energy production and usage. This transfer of operations and maintenance allows Maury to shift its focus and resources entirely to its mission-critical healthcare services, further reinforcing its commitment to excellence in patient care.