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Energy-as-a-Service for Higher Education

Universities across the country are recognizing that the business-as-usual approach for delivery of campus infrastructure is no longer sustainable. Facing unprecedented headwinds and enduring macro changes in the way society interacts, learns, and grows, many colleges and universities are redoubling their focus on the core educational mission and—for non-core but essential service such as utility infrastructure—turning to a more sustainable and risk averse strategy:  Energy-as-a-Service.

Bernhard’s business is Energy-as-a-Service. Our primary focus is to deliver utility infrastructure renewal, operations, and maintenance at a lower lifecycle cost to the customer by leveraging its scale, turnkey capability, expertise in energy efficiency, operational training programs and know-how, software, and technology.

As the leader in energy transition, our diverse capabilities and innovative solutions help promote decarbonization and reducing the environmental impact of the built environment. We combine development, financing, design, construction, and operations to deliver turnkey Energy-as-a-Service solutions. By leveraging expertise across our firm, we can address our client’s needs at any and every stage. To date, we’ve our customers save nearly 5 million metric tons of CO2e.

Our turnkey solutions reduce energy use, risk, and cost so that our clients can focus on their everyday work. 



    Bernhard’s Energy-as-a-Service program delivers immediate infrastructure renewal and energy optimization improvements that are designed to generate utility cost savings and significantly enhance the resiliency and reliability of critical infrastructure systems.


    Bernhard delivers private capital at an effective cost below the customers incremental borrowing rate through a combination of innovative leveraging strategies, monetization of tax benefits, and delivery of operating expense reduction.


    Institutions of higher education and the public alike are focusing more on environmental sustainability as a key performance indicator and ESG risk. Bernhard continues to challenge itself to deliver accretive utility savings as well as tell a “living story” of the impact to its customers carbon footprint in the communities it serves.


    Bernhard has completed over $1B in Energy-as-a-Service arrangements.

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