Bernhard Advocates Employee Development with Creation of Young Professionals Program Offering Mentorship and Training

The past few years have turned business upside down, reshaping nearly everything we thought we knew about productivity, the office, collaboration, the role of management and how companies approach getting the job done.

One thing that hasn’t changed in business, however, is the value of professional development and the contacts and mentoring relationships that can truly shape a career.

Bernhard now offers their Engineering Division employees looking to access training and networking opportunities an avenue to bolster their careers with the Young Professionals Program. The program is free to join, and open to any Bernhard Engineering employee under the age of 30 or less than four years post-graduation from college.

So much more than a social event, Bernhard’s Young Professionals program is a four-year pathway, designed to help the next generation of Bernhard professionals truly make their mark on our company culture and long history. Through mentorship, coaching, networking opportunities, professional development and biannual group training events, the Bernhard Young Professionals program seeks to help every engineering team member fully realize their innate strengths and showcase their unique talents.

The program was developed to provide everything needed to make up for connection opportunities lost to the COVID-19 quarantine and hit fast forward on career goals:

  • Access to patient, knowledgeable mentors who have built careers at Bernhard and know what it takes to thrive.
  • One-on-one guidance, coaching, personalized experiences and focused attention.
  • Twice-yearly teambuilding and training events hosted at Bernhard’s offices in Little Rock. These one-day events will have topical sessions on issues like managing virtual collaboration, developing emotional intelligence, trust building and more. Some events will include external vendors.
  • Pop-up networking and professional enrichment events when members of the Bernhard engineering team travel to your area.
  • Free access to Bernhard’s extensive library of online training materials to boost your social, professional and technical skills, including courses on AutoCAD, Conflict Resolution, Jobsite Safety and more.

As a company with more than a century of history behind it, Bernhard is always looking for the next generation who will lead us to the bright future ahead.

For more about the Bernhard Young Professionals program or to join, contact Katie Thomas at