Hospital Retro-Commissioning

St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center

Meridian, Idaho



Square Feet

$600 Saved

Per Day


Completion Date

St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center was seeking innovative ways to lower their operating costs and reduce their energy consumption. Their utility provider offered an incentive that would reimburse up to 70% of an energy conservation project’s costs if they could demonstrate a high level of savings.

The hospital engaged Bernhard to update their building control system and provide retro-commissioning of the mechanical systems. During implementation, our team worked with the hospital’s maintenance staff to update terminal unit programming and trained them on how to sustain the project’s savings.

The results were tracked through regular measurement and verification reporting which showed nearly $600 per day in cost savings. The savings, coupled with the utility rebate, made the project cash flow positive in less than 6 months.