Energy Asset Concession

Our Lady of the Lake

Baton Rouge, Louisiana



Square Feet

$32 Million

Project Cost


Daily Energy Savings

Our Lady of the Lake chose to partner with Bernhard for the delivery of an Energy Asset Concession, designed to improve the hospital’s energy infrastructure. The project consists of effectively replacing-in-place the hospital’s main central utility plants, interconnecting disparate central utility plants, and upgrading building automation system and controls within the hospital buildings and central plants.

The 20-year agreement includes financing of the project and on-going operation and maintenance of the central energy plants. Bernhard is also providing an energy savings guarantee for years three, four, and five of the project to mitigate the risk of savings degradation. Bernhard is ensuring sustainable savings for the life of the contract through operator training, measurement and verification, and remote support services. Construction was completed in the fall of 2019, and savings are now accumulating at a rate of $7,000 per day. This puts the results well above the estimated $2.1 million guarantee.