Turnkey Energy Projects

Brigham Young University
Life Sciences Building


Square Feet


Annual Energy Savings

Brigham Young University‘s Life Sciences Building was known by the campus facilities department as a challenging building, with more than 269,000 Square Feet of classrooms, multiple laboratory spaces, and more than 600 independently-controlled heating and cooling zones. BYU recognized that its energy efficiency is particularly important because of the significant annual energy cost incurred due to its size and large amounts of outside air that are not needed for ventilation. BYU gave Bernhard (previously ETC Group) the chance to deliver a turnkey retro-commissioning project to help get the LSB operating as intended, with monitoring and control of air flow, exhaust flow, heating, cooling, and space pressurization.

By working closely with BYU’s facilities team, Bernhard is projecting, a reduction in annual energy costs of around $130,000 per year, all while increasing lab compliance, safety, and student and faculty comfort. As part of this project, we also modified existing data analytics to make them more user friendly and the data more useful.

The success behind the BYU project is in the comprehensive approach to retrocommissioning including direct interaction with our engineers, O&M recommendations, system manuals and formal training. For each project, Bernhard assembles a project team that consists of Energy Engineers, Technical Project Managers (PM), and Implementation Construction Managers (CM) to guide the delivery of our Energy Audit/RCx Plan, Engineering Services, and Final Turnkey Project report for implementation. These team members will lead the team through alignment with facility staff and resources, communicate directly with designated personnel that are part of the Project Team; with the primary focus in keeping Retro-commissioning (RCX) projects on scope, within budget, and meet the jointly developed schedule. Our Turnkey Energy Engineering Services streamline complex projects for greater efficiency and better results. We manage all project deliverables from start to completion, including planning, design, implementation, and verification work.