Premier Medical Plaza Natural State Labs

Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, AR



Square Feet

$1.4 Million

Construction Cost


Completion Date

Natural State Labs is a cutting-edge facility built in late 2020 to meet the evolving demands of the COVID-19 pandemic. Converted from an abandoned shopping center, the lab is being utilized 24/7 as a testing center to draw patient samples and extract RNA from the virus for analysis.

Due to the specific temperature, humidity, and power requirements of the lab, the mechanical and electrical systems were designed with a multitude of redundancies and safety measures to ensure stable system operation. Bernhard, WER Architects, and Tycor Construction worked together to design and construct the lab in less than four months from project inception to owner occupancy. Bernhard worked judiciously to design the MEPF systems in less than 5 days and assisted in expediting the HVAC equipment procurement process.