Bernhard Fayetteville Facility Moves to New Location at Commerce Business Park

Bernhard is celebrating the opening of its new Fayetteville office at Commerce Business Park after four years of planning and construction. The modernized office space is the new home for its 27 employees and full-service design and energy engineering suite. It is located at 3714 N. Business Dr., Fayetteville, AR 72703.

“In the process of figuring out where the new facility was going to be, it was always important for us to stay near our core clients and remain close to our roots,” said Grant Logan, director of Bernhard’s Fayetteville office. “This cutting-edge facility is truly a place we can be proud to call our own.”

The team in the Fayetteville office provides engineering services such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, construction administration, and a wide variety of energy services including BAS controls design, commissioning, and retro-commissioning.

“Being more centrally located in northwest Arkansas is a huge positive for us,” said Jay Keazer, director of Fayetteville Logic. “We have a lot of employees that commute from neighboring cities so this location will help streamline that commute.”

The team is moving from their original location at Green Acres Road where they have operated since 2005. The office began with three employees but has seen more than 700% growth in their workforce during the last two decades. With this explosive growth, the office had outgrown their facility and was in need of a larger space to not only accommodate all employees, but to allow for continued growth in the future.

“Obviously with that kind of growth happening we had to do something,” Logan said. “Giving our employees space to design and innovate is conducive to delivering the best services for our clients.” Along with more than 9,000 square feet of additional working room, employees also get to take advantage of “The Natural State” as the modernized space is situated right on the Fayetteville trail system.

The Fayetteville office played a hands-on role in designing the space along with KSA Architecture and CDI Contractors. The team officially moved into the new location March 8 and will be celebrating with a virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony and guided digital tours later in the month.